These regulations have been drawn up by the 2018 LIMO-committee on February 9th, 2018. The LIMO-committee may deviate from the regulations at all times. Remarks, questions and complaints concerning the regulations can be directed towards the LIMO-committee.

Composition of student teams

A student team must consist of at most four persons, who all study at a university or university of applied sciences (UAS) in the Netherlands or Belgium. For student teams, at most one student may be 4th year or higher, and at most two students may be 3rd year or higher. Teams which consist only of UAS students are permitted, regardless of course duration. For mixed university/UAS teams, the UAS students may subtract one year of their course duration. Student teams of deviating composition may sign up as a `team outside competition'. Such teams may participate, but they cannot win, nor do they receive an official ranking.

Composition of company teams

Companies and institutions are allowed to participate in the competition. A company team must consist of at most four persons, and always participates as a team outside competition.

Sign up procedure and selection of participants

All teams should sign up for the competition in advance on the LIMO 2018 website. The LIMO-committee decides which teams may participate, but will try to let all teams participate. If there are too many teams, the teams outside of competition will be dropped first. If this proves insufficient, the number of teams per educational institution will be limited to a fixed number. Lots are drawn to fill the spots that possibly remain.

Participation fee

Participation in the LIMO costs €5,- per team for student team. Participation for company teams costs €5,-, unless otherwise is agreed upon with the LIMO-committee. The participation fee must be paid in cash on the day of the competition.

Travel cost reimbursement

Participating students can claim a travel cost reimbursement insofar this is not covered by their student public transport card. Participants are expected to use their free or cost-reduced travel options. If travel expenses are made, these can be reimbursed up to €20,- per person. This must be declared at the start of the competition day at the LIMO reception desk. Only expenses made by public transport are eligible for this reimbursement, unless otherwise agreed upon by the LIMO-committee.


All exercises are stated in English. During the competition members of a team may discuss with each other, but not with persons outside the team. The use of books, notes, phones, graphical calculators or computers is not allowed. In case of (suspected) fraud or other unauthorized behaviour, a team may be disqualified. Answers should be submitted per exercise, on separate sheets. For each exercise a maximum number of points can be achieved, but also a partial number of points. The team with the most points wins.